3D rendered imagery

Create stunning & realistic images to aid you in your project. With 3D rendered imagery, you can explore your design freely and in a much more flexible way than any conventional methods. You can see how your color scheme effecting the overal look and feel of your project without any financial risk. And the best of all you can create sales before constructions

3D animation

Create videos of your buildings although they are not built up yet. You can utilize 3D animation to attract investment. Or pushing government approval and trusts. You can also create 3D animation to explain step by step construction process to owners or for internal standard procedural guidance

Interactive application

Create multimedia presentation by exploiting the lattest technology available. Create CD-Interactive for mass giveaway to customer or prospects. Make the most of multimedia by using images, texts, sounds, videos and animations to improve sales. Create professional website to retain a good brand and company image

Paint selector

Create interactive color scheme selector for your design. Using our paint selector engine will give your customers freedom to explore their ideas.The program also avoid us from color scheme error, rejection & revision from the beginning of a project. Be different from your rival, by using paint selector you can rise your chance to win project biding

Lighting simulation

Create lighting simulation for your interior design or your buildings. By using light simulation techniques you can increase your lighting investment efficiency. It is possible for customer to explore different lighting scheme of your design, they can interact with virtual light switches and explore lighting moods

Virtual reality

Create virtual room or virtual outdoor space that can be explored. VR will give your customers freedom to explore your design. You can also search prospect tenants through internet by displaying your space in VR. Rise your chance to win project bidings. VR with programming skills allow us to develop full featured 2D or 3D game